Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Locaweb S/A solved their spam problem

For months now Locaweb (Brazil) had a bad reputation on sending (better: relaying) huge amounts of Spam. But after some mail exchange they finally got the Spam problem solved. They now gained the "good reputation" status at NiX Spam and were added to the Whitelist.

The last months the Spam mail volume of Locaweb varied between hundreds and thousands of mails hitting our Spam traps per day. This led to a nearly constant listing at the NiX Spam blacklist.
In the end of March the Spams came in like one every two second. And from only a handful hacked accounts. But the Spam flow continued and so even days old Spam was still sent out.
Then finally F.M. from the Locaweb Abuse team managed to start a mail correspondence after getting too many complaints about blockings of their clients. After mailing back and forth some explanations, advices, comments and feedback he promised to establish new anti abuse mechanisms.
Now we really see progress and our Spam traps see only a handful Spams per day. This is more than acceptable.

As a result we are proud to announce that Locaweb got added to the Whitelist of NiX Spam with the following IP ranges.
Locaweb is therefore the first Brazilian provider that got this status. And we will continue to provide them with automated ARF reports about abusive customers.
The good reputation status will be revoked if we see massive abusive behavior over a longer period of time.

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